By emphasizing virtues in children’s lives, we hope to build a better world!

Through our innovative approach we are transforming the hearts of families, one virtue at a time!

Why is it so important to introduce virtues?

In the past few decades, we have all noticed how much our society has changed. Now children need innovative approaches to learning in order to reach their full potential in meaningful ways. What’s interesting is the fact that we all want to do something about it. Now we can! HulaHU offers transformative card games that improve the lives of children, parents, and even grandparents, by bringing the highest human values to families; their Noble Virtues!

Educational card games – Discover spirituality in a different way

Our unique card games go beyond the standard learning program. Let’s give our children the opportunity to rediscover their virtues, and become compassionate individuals who truly care about their world!

These educational games for children of all ages are available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Hawaiian. It’s a great opportunity for a fun and enjoyable family moment that will surely inspire them.


To love is to listen and to listen is to love

Gaston J. Ouellet’s book:
Listening, Contemplating, Loving

What the founder of HulaHU’s book can offer you : spiritual tools acquired along a path of struggle that Gaston has overcome to study and cultivate the universal virtues that forge a happy and fulfilled life. His mission is now to share this spiritual knowledge of a way of being that goes through the discovery of the virtues present in each of us.

How to teach spirituality to children?

A Virtue is…

  • Forgiveness
  • Discernment
  • Humility
  • Detachment
  • Contentment

A passion is…

  • Anger
  • Lying
  • Vanity
  • Attachment
  • Greed

A Master Virtue is…

  • Patience
  • Integrity
  • Faith
  • Discipline
  • Gratitude