Accountability: we reap what we sow

What you always wanted to know about Karma

Yes, Karma exists!
It is a universal law that applies to everyone without any prejudice, neither skin color, nor rich or poor, nor good or bad. This law exists so that all beings can use their creativity, to recognize that the results come from their own choices. In fact, Karma is our ally as a measure of balance, provided that we do not take all that happens to us as a fatality.

Karma is not limited to one particular event. Any testimony on our site could illustrate this. It is not something that we suffer, nor is it a curse, and it has nothing to do with superstition or fate!
Karma is a kind of vibratory field in which everyone is led to evolve, in relation to each other. This universal law governs our lives, wherever we are on the planet. This law invites us to grow by being responsible for our actions, by utilizing our creativity, and by using our virtues as tools.

Our observation is that society has become disconnected from its true nature, by distancing itself from the earth and the beauty of life, by conditioning people with the fear of death… We all want to find this connection to our true nature. Karma offers us this opportunity.

To use a metaphor, farmers have known for centuries that what you sow is what you reap. In farming communities, all farmers have access to the same seed banks in the same valley. What makes the difference between a bountiful harvest and another is the creativity used by the farmer. The law of creativity plays an important role: listen to the laws of nature, listen to your intuitions and then apply them. Taking responsibility in society means making ourselves autonomous in all areas of our lives. Each of us has a great potential, often unused, to become a good steward of the land, the creator of his own life.

Let’s be adventurous and learn from our Karma by daring to sow the virtues in our inner gardens!

Karma Buster: creativity with respect to Karma


Let’s give responsibility to our children and observe the results together so that they can see the consequences of their actions. They will learn to adapt and to be persistent, in contributing to a better world.


When children experience an uncomfortable situation, they tend to be fearful and unable to use their creativity. Let’s learn together how to use humor to disarm fear and let them be their true selves.

Karma Buster
Karma Buster

It’s the wild card of love. No matter how funny and creative our children are, our role as parents is to spread love by showing them how we keep our own commitments, without harming people or their property.

Play Karma Buster to help children understand the concept of Karma and the importance of creativity

Karma Buster helps us realize that creativity is essential to progress both in the game as well as in life. Moreover, the Creativity card is the starting point of the game in order to begin creating sets. This offers us the opportunity to learn about ourselves and to reveal our own virtues.

Regarding the Karma card, it represents the law of cause and effect, for example: what you sow is what you reap. Every use of this card in the game has repercussions and you will witness them.

Playing VirtHU, Karma Buster or KaHUna is to better understand the sources of our sensitivities, to learn to know ourselves better and to develop our faith in life. And much more, one game at a time.

Testimony on the power of karma


Q : Gaston, what can you tell us about Karma?


A: You and I are souls, we are a divine spark of creation. Within each of us is this immense creative capacity to manifest good. Just look around and you will find countless testimonies of human inspiration all over the world.


Karma is like an ocean of love which sends out this immense wave of absolute equality for all of us where we have the choice to evolve at our own pace.


This universal law governs our lives, wherever we are on the planet. It propels us to grow by being responsible for our actions, as well as by learning to use our creative potential, through the use of our virtues as divine instruments.


From the age of 3 to 6, I was raised in an orphanage where nuns were in charge of my education, just as you are with your children. In our orphanage, images of Saints were used to educate us on the power of the virtues they possessed. From my point of view, the children see us as monumental beings, demigods if you will. To them, what you say is the absolute truth. So it’s a matter of being conscious of what we choose to reveal to them, as part of our legacy.


Growing up in this environment, I learned that we could also become noble beings and that all we had to do was learn to make wise choices using our virtues. The law of karma at work! I was taught that forgiveness was by far a better choice than anger, and that our faith in what we believed in could help us overcome any obstacles we might encounter in our orphanage.


The nuns certainly did not teach us the word Karma, I can assure you of that. However, they did use another method from some of their favorite paintings of saints that were hanging in our dormitories. One of their favorites was from St. Paul: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”. Yes, repeating this quote was one of the most effective ways to educate us to learn, and thus set an example. I can assure you that they didn’t just preach what they believed in, they walked their talk.


Being surrounded during my formative years by adults who firmly believed in these virtues, their contribution was and still is essential in preparing me for my life’s mission: “To bring forth the virtues in the hearts of children through the HulaHU card games in my community, my country and the world”. It’s still the law of karma at work!


I was once asked, “What is the connection between virtues and karma? I replied, “Karma is like a pathway on which we travel, while virtues are the necessary instruments to learn how to forge a happy life.


Ask yourself what kind of karma you wish to reap for yourself and what virtues you wish to bring into your family. I can assure you that they will be passed on for decades. They are like gold coins that can transcend many generations.


Karma teaches us that the ability to love far surpasses any other abilities.


Now, imagine yourself years from now watching your children demonstrate to your grandchildren the virtues you have carefully placed in their hearts and the domino effect it has on them and everyone in their lives. Yes, the law of karma is always at work: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”