What is humility?

To be humble is first to accept ourselves as we are

Educating children to be humble

Humility is the expression of the true nature of a human being, but our ego often plays tricks on us because we want to be the best, to be admired, in fact to be the king of the mountain!
No matter what happens, the only attitude to adopt is not to place oneself above others, rather it’s to listen to one’s heart.

Teaching a child to accept himself as he is is first and foremost about showing him how to be humble as a parent, by setting an example.

Acts of humility benefit us all. Let’s walk towards greater family harmony!

Why is my child arrogant?

Fear of not being accepted
Fear of not being accepted

From an early age, society pushes children to excel, to become the most successful, to get the best grade. One solution is to make them understand that to surpass themselves is to do their best, without comparing themselves.

Lack of self-confidence
Lack of self-confidence

One of the essential tools to remain humble without resorting to arrogance, is to teach your child to accept himself as he is, with his qualities and his limits. It is not about creating a character to offset an imagined mediocrity.

Lack of a family model
Lack of a family model

Learned humility and especially understood at a young age will translate into a relational ease throughout their life. And who better than us parents to be a model for our children! We too have to become aware of who we really are.

Discover the master virtue and passion versus humility


Have faith in yourself and trust in life


Vanity, who are we fooling?

Use our games to help children understand the importance of being humble.

A great gift for our children would be if, from an early age, they were able to develop a vocabulary related to Humility and its counterpart, Vanity. The Humility card text is a good guide for thinking about this topic and incorporating it through play.

We have often found that whenever a player boasts of having the most cards to win, it doesn’t happen, they lose. It’s hard to explain, but it’s as if the game helps us stay humble. The player ended up losing. Don’t believe us, try it with one of our games.

Playing VirtHU, Karma Buster or KaHUna is to better understand the sources of our sensitivities, to get to know ourselves better and to develop our faith in life. And much more, one game at a time.

Testimony on humility


Q: Pascale, can you share an experience of humility?


A: Yes, I would love to. I was born in France, in a country where people are judged a lot on their appearance, and where social classes categorize people: basically, there is the high society and the others, and this has always bothered me…

One of the experiences that showed me how to be humble was to go from being a psychotherapist to a baker. First of all, because I was going from an independent profession to a manual profession. Also, starting in the bakery at the age of 50, with bosses who were all younger than my sons, I had the pleasure of stepping off the pedestal of the adult who necessarily knows more than the younger ones, an atmosphere I had grown up in…

Humility consisted first of all in realizing how poorly this profession was considered, like most manual professions.

And then, realizing that all the knowledge I had accumulated up to that point would be of little use to me, was rewarding. So I decided to put everything aside to remain open to new knowledge. It’s known, you can’t fill a glass that’s already full 😉

Do you realize, these young men who were in a demanding job, both physically and in terms of schedule, had a woman (already rare in that industry) as a teammate who was older than their own mother…

In fact, when we realize that we are all connected, that we are all equal as souls (with different levels of evolution), that our abilities were given to us at birth, and that it is a matter of using them with each other, it makes us humble.

I would hope that this beautiful virtue, humility, will fill the hearts of all of us, for a better world without judgment!!”