From honesty to integrity

It was the most sacred virtue of our ancestors for centuries. Where are we today?

Integrity begins with being honest with yourself

Persons of integrity are true and honest with themselves and others and have no need to resort to lying because their ability to discern allows them to do so.

Integrity teaches children and adults to take responsibility for the results of their actions and helps them to make wise decisions throughout their lives.

Imagine if everyone honored their commitments, without encroaching on people or their property! What a great society we could create together!

Integrity explained to children


To help children understand the importance of assuming the results of their actions. Being honest means admitting to them even if they may seem silly to adults, overcoming the fear of being scolded and judged.


By being sufficiently attentive, understanding in a non-judgmental way, we help our children to be authentic. Let’s give them the courage not to be afraid of our reactions as parents or educators!


Let’s teach children to respect their commitments. Thus, keeping our word brings a beautiful mutual trust between parents and children by giving them tools to become happy adults with integrity.

Discover the basic virtue and passion versus integrity


Learning discernment transforms life


Why do we lie?

Use our games to help children understand the importance of Integrity.

A great gift for our children would be if, from an early age, they were able to develop a vocabulary related to Discernment and its counterpart, Lying, which would lead them to Integrity.

For example, if a player draws the card of Integrity, you can ask participants to tell an event or story related to this virtue.

Playing VirtHU, Karma Buster or KaHUna is to better understand the sources of our sensitivities, to learn to know ourselves better and to develop our faith in life. And much more, one game at a time.

Testimony about integrity


Q: Sonia, what was the proof of integrity that changed your perception of the world?


A: Before I tell you that proof, I need to put the story in context. I am a caregiver for a friend once a week. She has ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and has been in a wheelchair for over 20 years. Imagine that the doctor gave her only six months to live!


She is a truly courageous, smiling, inspiring woman who still has many plans each day, often accompanied by caregivers, but not always.


As the holiday season approached in 2022, we went shopping to buy lots of little gifts for her many caregivers. As we left the store, I put the three bags by the car, opened the doors, lowered the ramp so she could get into the van with her wheelchair. The usual routine, I fasten the seatbelt, place the anchors for the chair, close the doors, get behind the wheel and off we go. Thirty minutes later, as we got out of the car, we looked at each other and shouted, “Nooo! The bags stayed in the parking lot!” In a matter of seconds we went through shock, discouragement, guilt and laughter. After a few unsuccessful calls, we finally reached the right store to learn that the bags had been returned to the store’s cashier by an honest, upstanding man who simply said, “If the owner of the bags doesn’t come back, here’s my number and I’ll come back and get them.” So I went back to get the three bags worth $120, an expense my friend could not afford to double. With eyes full of water and a heart full of gratitude, I told the cashier to thank the man warmly if she saw him again. I would have loved to be able to thank him personally to express the benefits of his gesture which extends beyond money since in these bags there were testimonies of love for several people…


Thank you oh man of integrity and thank you life!”