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VirtHU is a bilingual family card game, through which players learn together the importance of daily acts of love. It is a great way to discover spirituality in a different way, thus helping the development of life skills that enhance everyone’s life.

As the goal of the game is to accumulate the greatest number of acts of love, the whole family learns the importance of putting love in each of its actions, despite the many pitfalls of life represented by the passion cards that must be neutralized by the virtue cards…

Beware! Love is sure to spread!


Encourage your children to get out of the virtual world by discovering a real game!

From 2 to 6 players
Ages 6 and up
108 cards
Duration: about 20 to 30 minutes

Here’s how to play VirtHU

Find out where the VirtHU card game comes from

Discover spirituality in a different way

By playing, we live true relationships while having fun: getting to know others through feelings and emotions, accumulating acts of love and visiting the greatest spiritual values brings us closer. We rediscover values that have been forgotten or put aside, and this spiritual dimension opens up to social responsibility and the transformation of our lives, and even the world!


Who hasn't had to forgive at some point, if only to himself?


Learning discernment transforms life


To teach humility to children is to make them understand that.…


How to facilitate detachment?


Contentment: how to be happy in life?

2 reviews for VirtHU

  1. Grégory Krief

    Thank you, it’s great!

  2. lorenzgerlach

    We use VirtHU during our English classes and our pupils are thrilled. They’ve learned new vocabulary, made progress in English, and use these new words every day while having fun.
    Ecole Montessori “Be Happy” – Guadeloupe

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