Introducing children to a new world, one Virtue at a time!

By helping children discover this noble vocabulary, it empowers them to make wise choices.

Why is introducing this new vocabulary so important?

At a time when everything is changing so fast, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce the virtues to children. By using a noble vocabulary into our daily conversations, these precious seeds will blossom and we will discover how quickly our children will be transformed. Why is introducing this new vocabulary so important, because it rebuilds new communication bonds with all family members.  It’s only by using it daily that we can discover its true benefits. HulaHU games provide the opportunity to experience this in a fun way, while integrating dignity into the home.

HulaHU’s Mission

By rediscovering the virtues in the hearts of families and children around the world, through bilingual educational card games, our mission is to enhance life by bringing peace, harmony and joy into the hearts of everyone while emphasizing life skills that give life a new meaning.

HulaHU’s Team

Founded by Gaston, HulaHU is first and foremost a team dedicated to its mission which is to offer parents and children the possibility to improve their lives by rediscovering the virtues.

In order to do so, Gaston has surrounded himself with inspiring women, experienced mothers who are committed to transmitting beautiful human values. He believes strongly that the future of our society lies in the hands of women and mothers who need these tools to transform our community to a noble society.

Within our team, we practice virtues such as patience, detachment, discernment and especially faith in this great project. In fact, there are days when life reminds us that everything is in motion: we fall, we get up, we face the pitfalls placed on our path, in order to practice the expression of virtues, so together, we can enhance our life….

A Team of Hearts

Discover the origin of HulaHU’s Name

logo Hulahu

At the age of 18 Gaston was introduced to Hawaiian culture, which truly transformed his life. Inspired by Hula, the sacred dance of the Aloha Spirit, an integral part of Hawaiian culture, and HU, the sacred sound that expresses the divine love that resides in the Aloha Spirit. Gaston chose to marry Hula and HU to form the name of his company HulaHU.
This choice allows Gaston to honor his great love for Hawaiian culture.

It is important to understand that the Hula dance is the embodiment of virtues, because to be a good Hula dancer in Hawaii, one must be able to embody the Aloha Spirit. These dancers are beings who have learned to demonstrate discernment, grace, and humility in their every move. All of these virtues and more are revealed in the life skills games that HulaHu has created for children and families around the world.

Read the Maui News article below to find out more.

Des outils pour vivre la spiritualité autrement


    Écouter est la preuve d’un grand respect et un acte d’amour envers les autres, envers la vie et envers soi-même.


    Contempler c’est être dans le moment présent, se connecter à soi-même, un chemin vers la plénitude.


    Se laisser aimer est aussi important que d’aimer, il est même parfois plus difficile de se laisser aimer que d’aimer…