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In this book, Gaston hurdles through the air at 570 miles an hour on a flight taking him halfway across the world. On board he encounters an eccentric cast of characters who seem destined to teach him how to accept the miracle of love in a new way. For the first time in his life, Gaston reveals his extraordinary out-of-body experiences to someone who is a complete stranger to him, revealing his life mission. Enjoy reading!


Listening Contemplating Loving: go on a spiritual journey with Gaston

Are you tired of reading mushy novels that teach you nothing except that love is a drama? Well, this book is for you because, although it is about love, it is full of beautiful experiences. If the HulaHU philosophy speaks to you and appeals to you, you will understand where it comes from by reading about Gaston, the founder of this company, the creator of these games.
You will also learn that from a very young age, Gaston faced many trials that led him to seek within himself the resources necessary to overcome them. Under the guidance of various spiritual mentors, he has studied and cultivated the universal virtues that forge a fulfilling and happy life. His mission now is to share this highly spiritual experience which includes the discovery of the virtues, present in each of us.
Listening Contemplating Loving – 305 pages

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