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Take advantage of free Shipping costs by choosing 3 games KaHUna, VirtHU and Karma Buster as well as the free PDF book Listening Contemplating Loving!

This book inspired our educational card games. It is a testimony filled with beautiful experiences, which allows us to rediscover essential virtues for a harmonious life.

KaHUna, Karma Buster and VirtHU, three educational games which demonstrate how to create a life that takes into account the effects each action has on us and on others. These games allow players to balance their passions with noble virtues.
Learning to be responsible is certainly the guarantee of a balanced and happy life for all.

Please note: the language option chosen applies only on VirtHU and Karma Buster games. KaHUna is always in English-Hawaiian.

1 × VirtHU
1 × KaHUna


Listening Contemplating Loving, go on a spiritual journey with Gaston and bring virtues in your luggage!

Game information :
From 2 to 6 players
6 years and older
108 cards per game
Duration of 20 to 30 minutes

Discover Spirituality in a different way!

Playing KaHUna, VirtHU and Karma Buster allows you to approach virtues from a unique perspective by opening up discussions with a vocabulary that transforms relationships, in order to rediscover the greatest spiritual values that unite all of us.
This renewed spiritual awareness leads to social responsibility and to the transformation of our lives, and even of the world!


Who hasn't had to forgive at some point, if only to himself?


Learning discernment transforms life


To teach humility to children is to make them understand that.…


How to facilitate detachment?


Contentment: how to be happy in life?

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